Dudes Lil Cricket

Cricket is a 6 year old  caramel line back dun/appaloosa mix mare.  She is Trey's little sister and Izzy's daughter.  Cricket is one of our shortest horses at Saddle Up & Ride and stands at 14.3 hands high.  She LOVES to go on trail rides and being around kids.  Her motto is "What's the rush?"  That makes her a great beginner rider's horse.   

Meet the Horses

Dakota Man

Kota is a 16 year old black quarter horse gelding who has been a 'babysitter' his whole life.  Kota will do a little bit of everything that we work on with students.  He has proven himself to be a horse that the students can manage on their own during a show/event without much adult supervision.   He is good for giving them a  feeling of independence. 

We will be introducing a new horse to the program hopefully soon.  

  Stay tuned for pics and updates.  We are sure he will be ready very quickly...

video of Dakota coming soon...stay tuned

Good Ol' Tux

Tux is a sorrel 17 year old quarter horse mix gelding and  is definitely the class clown.  Tux brings a smile to our faces because he never really tries to be a clown, he is just naturally goofy and we love him for it.  Tux does a little bit of everything and is safe enough to babysit as well.  Tux is a go-to horse during our horse shows.  His favorite event is 'buddy pick-up', (seen below.) 

video of Cricket coming soon....stay tuned

video of Tux coming soon so stay tuned...

Rio Pop Pep

Rio is a 20 year old registered cutting show horse that as been retired and donated to us.  Little Rio was a highly competitive show horse in his day.  To us, having Rio in our little program is like having Drew Brees tossing the football in the backyard.  He is very over qualified but he LOVES to work and he enjoys the kids.  Rio is very popular with the students

C Bar C Isabella

Izzy is a red snowflake Appaloosa and she's over 30 years old.  She is mainly used for trail riding;  but Izzy will help with riding lessons only when we are teaching something specific that she can demonstrate very well.  Izzy is very robust and one of the largest horses we have.   


Miss Gabbi Girl

Gabbi is a Quarter Horse mare who is  10+ years old.  Gabbi is a barrel racing, parade, and all around speed eventing horse.  Gabbi is very quick but she is a 'seasoned' mare who is well trained and she knows how to slow it down to help the student learn.  Gabbi works with high intermediate and advanced riders​.

C Bar C Trey

Trey is an Appaloosa/ Quarter Horse mix that has been trained in roping, cutting and team penning.  Trey was the last horse that Bobbi's father ever sat upon and last one he owned.    He is a dream to ride and so smooth! Trey works with all riding levels.

SideKick Tonto

Tonto is a sorrel and white tobiano paint who has been trained and used as an all around cow and ranch horse.   He is a handy fella with lots of wits about him.  Tonto is used for birthday parties because he is so easy-going& he has flashy color for great pictures.  He works with all riding levels.