Linda is a volunteer and helps out with the horse shows, trail riding, sponsor promotion, and parties.  Linda is a longtime  dedicated horse person and owns Tux and Dakota.  Her help and advice has been valuable to us all over the many years together. 



Danielle is the intermediate and advanced riding instructor who concentrates her lessons on show events such as barrel racing, pole bending and etc.  Most of Danielle's students are preparing for upcoming horse shows or learning how to do these different disciplines.  Danielle also competes in them as well.  She is tiny and quiet by nature but her horse handling skills are very large.  She teaches and trains her students well and takes great pride in her work.  Danielle has been an instructor since 2013.

Our Instructors and Staff


Charles is a volunteer around the barn and is Bobbi & Bill's son.  He helps out with the parties, animal care, horse shows and has even had a hand in building and repairs.  Charles is a valuable asset to us and sometimes we can't get a job done without him.  

 Bobbi is the owner and operator of Saddle Up & Ride and she teaches all riders from beginner thru advanced with an emphasis on safety and handling emergency situations. She has been riding and working with  horses just about all of her life and she participated in numerous horse show events mainly involving cattle. Bobbi learned to ride from her father and his legacy of riding and all he taught her is brought out in each lesson. Bobbi brings humor and catchy sayings to the lesson which helps the student recall situations as they relate. She has been a riding instructor since 2009.