"Bobbi has amazing patience. Her experience and all-around know how about horses and horse riding is priceless. Each lesson allows me to move along at my pace and there is always noticeable progress. I enjoy the working farm environment and the horses are wonderful." - Jennifer

What students and parents are saying about "Saddle Up & Ride!"

"Bobbi is a skilled and dedicated trainer. She takes a personal one-on-one approach that creates a concrete teacher-student bond that garners trust and allows the student to be honest, as well as focused which makes for a better learning environment. Her horses are treated like family and each have a unique, docile demeanor that reinforces a bond between student and teacher. Her overall training is an excellent experience and I am proud of the progress my daughter has made with Bobbi's help." - Todd

"Katherine has thoroughly enjoyed taking horseback riding lessons with Bobbi. Bobbi is very thoughtful and careful. She absolutely loves the kids. The biggest surprise is how much we have learned about the way horses think! It's been amazing." -Yvette

We are located 15 mins from New Orleans and in Jefferson Parish.    

 Beginner- Advanced.  Weight limit is 200 lbs or less.   Age limits vary per activity. 


 Horses are available for riding lessons, trail riding, parties, weddings, school fairs, Girl/Boy Scout activities, summer camps,

and various fund raisers.  We also host local horse shows/play day events.            


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" Bobbi and Danielle are excellent and patient horse instructors.  Me and my grandchild have both taken lessons.  We learned a lot and enjoyed every session."   -Beryl

"All I can say is simply amazing!!  Bobbi Jo was phenomenal!  I grew up riding horses as a teenager; but my husband had never been on a horse in his life!  As a gay couple, I was a little worried about how we would be received.  Everybody made us feel welcome and Bobbi Jo treated us like family!  I've recommended several of my friends (especially with children) to take lessons here.   We both enjoyed the lessons so much!!  ​Great place, wonderful people, and awesome atmosphere!"  -Nicholas H. 

 Please call to schedule AHEAD OF TIME!! We do everything BY APPOINTMENT!!

"Bobbi Jo and her horses are wonderful. I took my kids to her when she was just starting out doing lessons. The time on the farm, the lessons, the horses and the friendship of Bobbi Jo have been some of the richest memories that my kids have experienced.  Bobbi Jo is a patient teacher and a wonderful mentor . I grew up working with horses and thought that I knew a lot; until I spent time watching her teach my kids.  She does not just teach you how to sit on the back of a horse; but how to react, respond, and connect with different horses. She also teaches about caring, cleaning, feeding, and tacking. She taught my little city slickers some things that they would never have known and I am grateful to her for it.

If you get the chance to take these lessons ,you should do so.   It is well worth it!     -Ken T. 

"My name is Erika.  My two daughters, Alex and Tori, began riding horses at the age of 3.  Both girls learned more in one lesson from Bobbi than they learned for a combined 17 years of lessons at the other stables.  They learned to tack a horse for the first time and are eager to ride and interact with the horse!!  Thanks Bobbi for everything."  - Erika

"Genuine Western horse riding lessons taught by an experienced and patient instructor.  Bobbi Jo teaches about horses and how they behave, not just how to ride them.  Safety is always emphasized. Each lesson starts with grooming the designated horse, saddling up, exercising the horse, and only then, riding.   I have learned a lot about horses, but also a lot about myself. Rates for lessons are truly reasonable." -  David S. 

"Bobbi Jo is a great trainer and has a great amount of patience with kids.  I love how she teaches safety and all the commands before getting started. She will not turn you loose until she says you are ready, which is exactly what you need when dealing with horses. Thank you for such a great time, we will be back."   - Brad F.