Dudes Wicket Cricket    "Cricket"

Cricket is a caramel line back dun/appaloosa mix mare.  She is Trey's little sister and Izzy's daughter.  Cricket is also a very well rounded barrels and pole bending horse.  She builds confidence.     


Meet the Horses

King Dutch Boy  "Dutch"

He was adopted from a fella in Lafitte and is currently working out perfectly and even better than we dreamed!  He is a sweetheart and a gentleman and also makes no trouble with any horses around him.  He is a prime example of horse sense!  


Cactus Jack   "Jack"

This is our first BLM Mustang from New Mexico and BOY are we impressed.  This young fella is turning out to be an awesome addition to our program.  He is trained 100% by us from wild to super tame and is everything we expect and more!  

Allaby Alakazar Shazaam  "Allaby" 

 Allaby ( pronounced like the word Alibi) is an Arabian red mare who is seasoned for general riding and is learning how to do barrels and others play day events.      

Bubba Gump   "Bubba"

This Tennessee Walker has been a fun and unique part of our program due to his being a "Gaited" horse.  He is smoothe sailing and also kind of a clown in his own rite.



owner Leigh Anne

Everybody loves this big fella.  He is fun and safe and always happy.  His personality is magnetic.  



owner Susi

This sweet white Appaloosa is under training and is doing very well.  Stay tuned for her progress!

E. Z.  Breezy      "Breeze"

Big Breeze is  one of our tallest lessons horse.  Retired from Hunter/jumper competition and lessons, and formerly trained as a western pleasure horse, Breeze has the smoothest demeanor.  He is also 100% hearing impaired. He is considered a total beginner's horse 


Wonder-ful Arielle  "Arielle"  

This Mare was adopted from Angel's Grove Ranch & Rescue and is NOT for beginners.  She is being ridden exclusively by one student.   She is gorgeous and very fast and will be featured at the upcoming horse shows. 


Cheerio Buns Junior  "Junior"

This is a lot of name for a little guy.  He was adopted from Angels Grove Ranch & rescue and is currently being retrained by the more advanced students.  We look forward to his future with us.  


Shadow George​ 


This Pacer Pony came to us from a rescue with daughter, Summer.     He is technically a pony although he stands as tall as small horse.  He is quite mischevious and will keep his rider/handler on their toes.


owner Linda

This guy is not only a gorgeous looker, but he is a born babysitter.  He is also Cricket and Apryl's Daddy.



owner Linda

This guy has done so many lessons and shows and camps and parties he practically wrote the book.



owner Danielle

​this little Haflinger takes care of beginners on up.  She is well trained and nothing bothers her.


on-site only

And then there's the other animals at the barn!

"BILLY BLUE BUTT" and "COOKIE DOE" and the Cats

Billy is our resident pain in the derriere goat.  So far all he is good for is making the kids and his goat wife, Cookie, run for the hills.  He mainly stays in his goat yard.  He is Miss Bobbi's baby so everyone has to tolerate him from afar.   Cookie is super sweet but she is a thief and will steal anything you put near her.   The cats are:  "Miss Cheetoes" she rules the barn with love,  timid little  Bunny Rabbit Cabbit (no tail), Flip the black and white cat, Patches the shy visitor,  Phatt Girl and Low Phatt  the 2 black kitties, Princess Barbie, Mama Gemini and her children Marmalade, Wolfie, Lil Gem. And the new Fella Mustachio.    There are more cats but they are in other places around the barns up front and houses. 

Did you know that every single one of Saddle Up & Ride's animals from horses to goats to cats are all either Rescues, Donations,  Adoptions, or born to Us?    


Alphie Mae West   

"Alphie Mae"

  Great barrel racing and playday horse as well as a fun camp horse.  She is sweet and loving and willing to please

Pep's Apryl Investment  "Apryl"

Baby Apryl is not much of a baby anymore.  This filly was hand raised personally by all the students and campers and is totally BOMB PROOF.  We are worried she is TOO bombproof actually.  We can't seem to find any 'get up' in her.  She is still in training but she is so awesome!  pic comin 

Horses that are Loaned

The following horses are with us due to their owners being generous enough to loan them out for lessons and etc.  Their owners either keep them at the barn or bring them to us when we need them.  Thank you to the owners mentioned for their generosity.  We are honored that you trust us with your babies!  


owner Linda

The sweetest little mare you ever wanted to hug.  She is a dream to ride and be with.  


Jhett Black Ariat   "Jhett"

He was adopted from Angels Grove Ranch & rescue and has recently completed his training and has started to do lessons and even the horse shows we have.  The kids simply adore him!  He is smoothe to ride and they say he is almost bumpless when trotting.  He also tries so hard to please us.   

C Bar C Trey   "Trey"

Trey is an Appaloosa/ Quarter Horse.He has been trained in roping, cutting and team penning.  Trey was the last horse that Bobbi's father ever sat upon and last one he owned.  He is a dream to ride and so smooth! Trey works with all riding levels. This company was created because of this horse.  Very Special!


Lil Bit of Summer​ 


This little Pacer Pony is Shadow's daughter.  She is, we have to confess, a humorous pain in the bottom.   She is smaller than her dad, Shadow, and there is a stronger weight limit.  


Smith N Wesson   "Smitty"

Smitty is a favorite among the little students.  He adores kids and attention and it shows in how much he tries to please the students.  Smitty works with all students.  He never argues with the program and seems to know how important and loved he is.   


Fergalicious   "Fergie"

Fergie has been our surprise little mare who jumped into our program unexpectedly and has become such a fan favorite.  She works with all levels and is an outstanding show horse and trail horse.  She is very fond of people & wants to hang out with us.  (btw...the  summer campers named her, not us!) 

 Reba the Rocket    "Reba"

Reba is an older Pony who is NOT a pont at heart...she is a full grown horse in her mind and is nicknamed the ROCKET for a reason.  She is very fast.  However, she is starting to  work with intermediate students her size now and is also a perfect party pony. 


Peppys Cinnamon Bar   "Charlotte"

Charlotte is our one true blue barrel racing mare who teaches  intermediate & advanced students the process of racing.   She is sweet and lovable and gentle while teaching this skill.  She can and will turn on her speed when asked.  Charlotte is Apryl's Mama. 

Big Chief Apache


This is Mr. Jake's new horse and a fun new addition to the herd.   He is not for beginners but, he is a good boy and is learning how to do lessons very quickly.  He is a smoothe but fast horse and makes his riders look and feel Good!